Following the installation of a defibrillator at The Berkeley Arms, Main Street, Wymondham, a training session for using the equipment was held at Wymondham Village Hall on Friday 24th June 2011 at 6.30pm. The training was facilitated by Martin Fagan with a total of 25 parishioners, including several children, in attendence.

100% funding for a defibrillator in Wymondham was secured from The Karen Ball Trust and The Community HeartBeat Trust, and a second defibrillator is installed in the BT phone box at Edmondthorpe.

Chris Semmens has offered to be the person responsible for carrying out daily checks on the box, recording his findings on a daily basis and the named contact for the defibrillator in Wymondham.

Press launch on Friday 24th June 2011 was attended by Brian McAvoy (Karen Ball fund) Martin Fagan (Community HeartBeat Trust) Byron Rhodes (County Councillor) Lorraine Watkins (Parish Council Chairman) Pat Peters (Parish Council Vice-Chairman) Neil & Louise Hitchen (Berkeley Arms landlords)

When somebody dials 999 due to a suspected heart attack, the control room staff know immediately that there is a nearby defibrillator. They ask certain questions (as well as sending the ambulance) to ascertain whether the defibrillator is appropriate in this case and, if so, give the person a short keypad code to release the machine. Once the machine is taken to the patient, it speaks instructions in easy stages. It will not work if the patient has a pulse so there is no fear of electrocuting yourself or wrongly administering to the patient.